Music I finally felt pretentious enough to release for a cheap amount of money EP

by RaiD



As my debut I'm-going-to-ask-you-to-please-pay release, I spent almost 2 months wondering when the fuck I was going to let myself release something.
Venturing through my physical & mental recovery, I decided to block myself from the upload button on soundcloud & continue to just obsessively work on (by that meaning not rush to export) music both on & off a facebook livestream using a phone camera I can't even actually really afford.
So in spending literally the most amount of time than I ever have sitting on & tweaking through each sound of this release (as compared for any of my other tracks that are currently released, that is c;) I decided now was that right time. RaiD is on board & ready to set sail into the growth of yet another unkwn venture.

More to come, infinity to expect.

live free, die nasty.

lastly but certainly not least -
please stay fashionable on the internet


released March 2, 2017

i give credit to myself, whoever helped me purchase this maschine, logan wilson for having a nice new desktop, my friends who either get me to make terrible descsions or smart ones, dogs, drugs, and then last but not least i give credit to music for it's existence in this world.



all rights reserved


RaiD California

just an ultra flustered, awkwardly confused, physically & mentally recovering valleyboi who shouts emotions into a maschine mk2 & then also happens to DJ n stuff.

Not enough tunes from me on this satan forsakan site yet for you?

Head to the soundcloud link for 100% free downloadable music made by this kid that was rushed without actually needing to be rushed.
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